Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thank you to Supconnect for all their support


   I've received support from so many individuals through my racing career I can't begin to thank everyone. I do try because it means a great deal to me personally. However looking back and now in the present there's a platform that has really accepted me in the SUP world and taken it upon them selves to promote what I do. I'll let you take a look at what I found Friday morning as I was browsing different SUP media: 

Click here: SupConnect
Pretty cool That they took it upon themselves to write the story and pull this unterview up from a little while back. 
     My first relationship with the organization came from the 2012 Supconnect SUP man of the year competition. Someone who must know me entered me in the judging as it came as a surprise that I ended up there. Not thinking I had a chance, I watched as so many people cast their vote for me in the open round.  The support came in from all over the nation. Fast forward through the voting and I actually win the open round. OPEN ROUND WIN!
   Althought I didn't win the final round of voting, I  felt honored just to be amongst the top SUP athletes in the world in the voting process.  Crazily enough, Supconnect named me SUP man of the year 2012 honorary mention. 
 Here's their MENTION,
        "Supconnect would also like to congratulate Shane Perrin, an extreme distance stand up paddler, who was the outstanding winner of the open nominations phase of Supconnect SUP Man of the Year. The love and support for him was extremely evident and the number of votes that poured in was inspirational. He has been given an honorary mention title in the 2012 Supconnect SUP Man of the Year Awards."
 Thanks SupConnect!
And thanks for promoting the upcoming expedition:

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