Monday, January 21, 2013

$2400 funded for the expedition. Thanks to my Sponsors

$2400 raised in the first week! Thank you to all my sponsors that have made the expedition a success already.  The toughest part of a race/expedition is getting there. These people made it possible to reach the first goal of $2400. Now anything else donated goes towards the purchase of Boards for dialysis patiens, transplant recipients, and those on a wait list.

You can become a sponsor here:

Abu Dhabi -
Jen Scully  with

  Nick Sezenias, Kim Aubin ( The woman who donated her kidney to me)

LaGenia Bailey

Melissa & Tim Jay, Corrective care chiropractic

  Bill Cochrane-owner of Nalu Sup and Surf (on my left) and Brian Wilse (on my right),
 Monica Opdycke, Phil Budowanec, Jill Jankowski

Mac balatico
Gary Stokes,  Andrew Goold, Sandy Habeck,  Kelly "Hondo" Larkin,  Chris Clinton,
Cindy Abernathy,  Anna & Tom Blanchard, Dorothy Holzwarth,  Ellen Strubert, Kin Reed, Joe&chrissy Eickhorst, Patricia & Dan Belmont (my father in-law pictured below), Lindsey Mueller, Sue Donnelly, Satish Gopinathan, David & Kathi Broughton

Randi &Kristjin Arnar

New York:Erica hamilton
(yup that was from 2000. I still had hair!)


 Robert Harris

Henrik Friberg

Donna Cannon, Katie Schumacher, RIO SUP, Jason Black, Devin Gates, Donald Garcia, Bill siersdorfer, Lindsay Stillman, Carlos Mata, Mike Dey


Matt Myers


David Schultz with Longboat kayak


Unknown origins of Sponsors:  anonymous, Jeff and Mistie Rhomberg, Lisa Applegate, Anne Nischke,  Jeff Gibson,  Joe Vohs,  Craig May, Theresa Nicholson, anonymous
^ Email me if your name appears on this list so I can  add you above


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