Thursday, June 20, 2013

Iron Athlete Expedition update

Iron Athlete Expedition update
540 SUP miles
100 SULP miles (stand up land paddle)
3 states ( NY, MO, IL
7-8 days
Starting July 20th
   As training progresses so does finalizing logistics and sponsors.  I've been fortunate to have Some key sponsors step up and support me. It is impossible for me to accomplish this expedition without the right people involved. Can't tell you how happy I am to have these guys and gals on the team.
My title sponsors:
                                                                      Shaka Surf
Based in Saugatuck Michigan. Co-owner Elizabeth Burns was a client of mine last year for my business SUPSTLOUIS. Well, she caught the SUP bug and it built up inside her. She bought a board this year and went out with her friend. Over casual conversation she said to her friend, "Why don't we start a SUP business here (michigan)." So they did! They are officially open. Their website is under construction but you can find them on Twitter @shakasurf1

Billy Lush Paddle Sports 
 Based out of Knoxville, TN these boys didn't hesitate to be part of the expedition.  They're all about paddle sports and are heavily involved in the community not only in Knoxville but nationally. They were just in Oregon last week! They offer SUP 101 classes, paddle fit, sunset tours, and run a meet up group, and sales. Check them out here --> billylushbrand
     When I told them I was land paddling 100 miles pulling a trailer to carry my inflatable SUP and gear, they told me they had the board for. And did they. One hand crafted in Tennessee U.S.A. 
The "Orca" 
 Now there's no trailer needed. The Orca will carry it all!
Crew Update

 For the 100 mile paddle portion of the expedition I recruited Kelly Kasten. She's one of the few Die hard SUP'rs around St. Louis paddling through winter with me. This year she started racing with a 10 mile race in march and most notable a 28 mile race in Tennesse in April. Then in May she raced a 20 mile race in Chicago. Always the only girl to take on these long races, I can relate to the pressure she has to succeed.  She's tough as nails and will make a perfect crewman.
Then for the MR340 paddle portion I scored an old friend who has been crewing for athletes for the past 3 years, Denise Damon, I've known her since about 2006 and have been on many paddles with her back when I used to sit and paddle.  She's an outdoorswoman that is an ace at crewing. She loves that dog Andy too.
Then for the toughest portion. Land paddling 100 miles while carrying all my gear and then SUP'ng 100 miles carrying the land paddle. I was trying to figure out who would be the right person for this although I already knew who I wanted.  Dwayne Vanhoose. This guy is a one of a kind. An endurance athlete himself he knows the game as an athlete and as a crewman. He was my crew for my first big race in 2011. Watch it here -->Stand up Guy - The documentary
 So as crew for this portion he will be riding his Bike with me as moral support. This portion is literally 10 minutes from his house so I left him with no excuses to not come along.
 Couldn't be happier to have him on. He's one of my truest friends in life.
So the wheels are turning. Now all I need is a board. So far this is what I have:
If there are any companies that would interested in sponsoring the expedition, please email me at