Sunday, December 8, 2013

(1/20/14 )
24 hour Ultra Skate
Stand Up For Raelyn
So here's the scoop on the 24 hour Ultra skate:
    On 1/20/14 There's a longboard race "pushing" the board in a traditional skate style.  They are letting me in racing via land paddling.  I'll  be on my Billy Lush board using a Perrin-Elite carbon paddle. The world record was set last year at 261.8. My goal is to reach 300 miles and change skaters thoughts of Land Paddling.
24 hour Ultra race:

rom the race website -"Skate a little or skate a lot, it's up to you. How far can you go in 24 hours? Set a personal best or go for the World Record!"

Join the Century club- 100 miles.
Make the Elite 200 group- 200 miles (only 20 members world wide)
Become the World record holder - 261.8 Male -186.9 Female
(**Stay with the story. You'll see how SUP leaders of communities fit into the equation**)
  Here's the reason why this race has become personal to me.  Just a couple weeks ago I talked to a fella in California who I have never met. Our topic of conversation that brought us together, his daughter Raelyn. Her story is something that hits home for every parent. It moved me as a dad and having a daughter myself.
    Greg is a sup person. He is Ohana. I didn't really know what that was until this year when all my stuff was stolen from me in the Florida Everglades challenge. When I was at my lowest, My Ohana took care of me. Now it's our turn to take care of one of our own.
 Here's what Greg (Raelyn's father explains about his daughter,
"Raelyn was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) in Feburary 2012 at age 2 ½ and is currently undergoing monthly chemotherapy treatments at CHOC (Children’s Hospital) in Orange County. In addition, she takes daily chemotherapy pill, steroids and other numerous medicines that helps fight infections and other side effects from the chemopherapy.
Recently Raelyn has developed steroid psychosis which is an rare side effect from the high doses of steroids that she takes to increase the effectiveness of the chemotherapy.
I only see the “daughter I had before her diagnosis” 4 to 5 days out of the month. There are not adequate words to describe the behavior that we see due the steroid psychosis."

As you can imagine, this has taken a toll on the Beckler family in many ways.  The medical bills are immense. Greg (Raelyn's father) stepped down from his job to be Raelyn's full-time care taker. They've had to move a couple times. It's alot to take for a family.

*** Here's where YOU SUP LEADERS are standing up for Raelyn. In the next couple weeks I want you to create an event. It could be anything. SUP, Skate, Hike, Walk, anything. Recruit people for your event.
    Here's the idea: Let's say you're in warm weather still like my friends Paige and Brian with Hooked on Sup in Florida (they've already agreed to stand up for Raelyn). You can do a 10 mile fun paddle. Get 10 people to attend. each person that comes to the event pledges $1 per mile. At the end of the event the Host/Sup leader collects the funds and mails it out to the Beckler family. $100 closer to paying medical bills. Get it?

What if you're in cold weather like Holly Evans in minnesota with Wai Nani surf and paddle tribe. She's Standing up for Raelyn.  It's pretty cold in Minnesota if you don't know. But She's figuring it out. She's creating an event for 1/20/14 to stand for Raelyn.

Here's the kicker: Stoke Radio is helping out and and promoting this event!  (more to come)

Your event needs to take place on 1/20/14 MLK day as I will be racing the 24 hour race. Make sure to film the event. I'll be putting together a video of my exploits which includes yours from the day.

Email me at if you want to Stand up for Raelyn and be a leader for more detailed information.