Sunday, January 6, 2013

GoFundMe campaign kicks off January 15th!

GoFundMe campaign
   In less than 2 weeks I will start a fundraiser campaign that will allow you to be part of a 400 mile ocean expedition. I'll be paddling From Tampa, FL. to Key Largo in the Florida Everglades challenge. I'll have 8 days to cover the 300 mile distance of the race.  Once completed I'll attempt to paddle on to make it to Key West.  All with a time of 10 days. All to promote organ and tissue donation.
   When the campaign goes live on January 15th, you will be able to become a sponsor of the project.  As a sponsor you will receive daily video sent via email during the expedition
   What you can do now to help is promote this video by  copy and pasting the link below:
 to your facebook and twitter.
Thank you, from the crew
Michael, me, and Karen
 About the race:
 What does expedition-style mean? It means that you need to be self-sufficient and carry all the supplies and equipment that you would expect to carry on a major kayaking or sailing expedition. This is not a “round the buoys” race with an empty boat and someone watching out for your safety. You are on your own.

 The physical demands of the race, combined with sleep deprivation, heat, cold, water, dehydration, and exhaustion, often cause participants to become disoriented. Amnesia, hallucinations, hypothermia, and other debilitating conditions are not uncommon. Such effects can impair judgment, a condition especially dangerous for the solo paddler or sailor.


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