Saturday, June 2, 2012

A path

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP).  I wake up thinking about it. It crosses in in out of my mind throughout my day. I go to sleep dreaming about it.  It's like nothing I have ever encountered before. It's a sport that has many dimensions to it.  Yet, here in the midwest, 9 out of 10 people I talk to have never heard of it.
     I started "standing up" 4 years ago out of a 14' old towne canoe.  I built a paddle out of pine and cedar and took a 30 mile trip with friends on the beautiful Current river.  I wasn't sure what I was doing, but  I knew I liked whatever it was.  So as the years went, I built a couple boards out of wood strip  and continued my Standing experience.
    It wasn't until last year (2011) I actually paddled on a commercially made foam-core/fiberglass board.  My stand up world changed  yet again.  The sport of SUP emerged in me.  I began to race in long distance kayak races entering as the only SUP.  My shortest race was 20 miles. My longest 340 miles.  Stand up is my passion,  it is my life's adventure.
     This year I started my race season paddling in "La Ruta Maya Belize challenge".  A 179 mile race staged over 4 days. The competitors consist of 3 paddlers in a racing canoe. I became the first person in the race's history to paddle all 4 legs solo.  To boot, I did it on a SUP. Something the Belizean people have never seen.
     Up next I have my toughest race.  The Texas Water Safari on June 9th.  It's 261 miles of non-stop paddling in the heat of texas.  In the first 40 miles there are 17 portgages.  Added to that there are Log jams you have to go over, under, or around.  There's class 2 rapids.  Rocks, shallows, strainers and more nastiness.  Not to Mention this is Texas. It's hot.  This one's gonna hurt!
     I'll be sure to update everyone after the race on all the details.  Thanks for reading.

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