Thursday, June 7, 2012

Driving to Texas

I workd a full day today for th city. Punchd out and drove home as fast as i could. Got e everything gathered up for the trip. My ground crew made it to my house by 5pm today. I had all my gear and board loaded. Got all their stuff loaded up as well and said my goodbyes. It's never easy for me leaving my family. My son was still asleep from his nap, but my wife and my mother in-law was there to see me off. Mom was holding my little girl Tessa. I gave them all a kiss and tried to choke out a few words. I hate leaving them. We departed at 5:15 fully loaded. As I write this, we are 5 hours in to our 16 hr trip. Joe Baisa is driving the first leg while Michael Rokos sleeps a bit. I'm trying to sleep, but I'm crammed into the backseat of a jeep. Oh goal is to drive straight through til we get to Austin canoe and kayak. Werner paddles was nice enough to sponsor me with a bnt shaft carbon sup paddle and shipped it to Austin. So that's he plan. Get there, get he paddle, andget to check in for te Texas water safari. They check everything. From gear to food and make a checklist for the start. Then at the finish they check it again to make sure you don't get additional gear along the way. Basically they make it as tough as possible. So back to my luxury seat inthe backseat of he jeep for now. It's kind of nice. Maui Jim sent me some sunglasses for the race and include some shirts. The one I'm wearing is a long sleeve hoodie. The hoodie is nice as it keeps my bald head warm as I lay back here.

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