Tuesday, April 29, 2014

24 hour Guinness world record still on May 10
Catalina island Expedition Postponed

May 10th I will still be attempting to set the Guinness World Record for "Greatest distance by paddle board in 24 hours, Flatwater".  What does this mean? Well I will be paddling at Simpson Lake in St. Louis, Mo in a 1.2 mile loop. Yup sounds mind numbing. But the reasons for it are That Simpson is a small lake that is woodlined and blocks the majority of wind when it's at its minimal gusts. Also it is the lake where I perform 80% of my business for SUPSTLOUIS my sup business.

      I'm shooting for 100 miles. Not an easy task. This means that I will have to keep 4mph or above the entire 24 hours. I will have a crew there that will be handing me supplies and encouraging me the entire time. On top of the attempt it is opening day for my business. I will have my team performing lessons while I am out there paddling. 9am starts the paddling on May 10th. 9am May 11th concludes it. Temp wise I'm looking at 70 during the day and 50 at night, perfect conditions.
    During the event my team will be selling Live Love Sup bottles and wristbands that when bought gets a person a 1.5 hour sup lesson with it. Not a bad deal for only $24. (24 hour guinness attempt - $24 for the bottle, wristband, and lesson.)  I've donated my fleet of GLIDE SUP paddle boards for the day. All money Goes to Live Love Sup's Campaign:  Charity:Water - Live Love Sup . If you can't make it out on the 10th, you can still by the bottle and wristband for $16. I can ship it too.
  Check out Live Love Sup and see what they're ll about.

800 million people don't have access to clean drinking water. That’s 1 in 9 of us

                                        Here's the bottle and wristband

Why the Catalina expedition was postponed: The story

 As you know I have been planning on paddling the Catalina channel islands and touching down on
all 8 islands unsupported. There have been a ton of logistics and factors that keep changing the expedition. So I wanted to update you on the expedition, how it has changed, and where it's at to date. 
     The first obstacle came when I came in contact with an expert on the islands, conditions, etc and he advised me there was no chance of accessing san clemente and san nichlolas islands as they're military instillations.  Even paddling near them and you'll be met by boats and or aircraft to intercept you. Then there's the fact that those 2 islands have their own conditions separate from anything else.
     So I looked at a different approach and decided to paddle from the mainland to Coho and wait for the right conditions and then paddle to San Miguel where I would next paddle to santa rosa, santa cruz and anacapa.  Then to the mainland 100 miles and then paddle out to santa catalina, santa Barbara and then finish on the mainland.

  A day later san Miguel was closed by the military due to unexploded ordinances. The island was used as an active bombing range for wwII to the 70's

    Next plan was island explorations base camping off santa rosa. Later I found out camping was closed off on the island until august 15th.

    So on top of growing safety concerns and all the above, I discussed options with the team and I feel it's best to postpone the expedition.  As of right now a fall expedition is possible but may not be able to happen due to current obligations.



  1. Very cool! A doctor who runs the Mini Med School told me about your site/life paddle boarding. My sister and her family moved to St. Louis after 8 years in Hawaii and they are looking for "beaches" because their children love the sand and water.

  2. Sorry to hear that you had to cancel this expedition Shane, but must say I'm a bit relived that you did. I have spent a good deal of time out on, around, and underwater in the Channel Islands and conditions can be interesting and change fast. It can be rough by boat, so I could only imagine what you would experience via paddle board. If plans work out for a fall trip there I wish you the best of luck.