Friday, February 15, 2013

Expedition Update - Werner paddles

Werner Paddles Sponsors the Expedition!
This is a Game changer!
     When I first started racing in 2011 I thought all paddles were created equal. Being in the midwest I was just happy to have a full carbon SUP paddle back then. It was a rarity. There just wasn't much available.  Then paddles slowly trickled into shops. I found that a local store, The Alpine shop in Kirkwood, MO has been carrying Werner kayak paddles for years, and now carries SUP paddles.  This is a good thing out here in the midwest. We're getting one of the  best paddles made! You thought you knew Carbon? You need to feel the weight on the Grand Prix Bent shaft. It'll make your paddle feel like a heavy pig!
My first use of a Werner paddle came June 2012 at The Texas Water Safari. A race that's 260 miles traversing 3 rivers and ending with a 5 mile bay crossing. Pure Hell! But I loved it.
The race start- Aquarena Springs

                                                     Coming out of a low water bridge

   It made a huge difference in finishing this race. The bent shaft paddle is one of the biggest evolutions in SUP paddle design. The ergonomics save your wrist and forearm from getting beat up over the miles. Instead of having to use  an "ok" shaped grip with your pinky and ring finger not fully used on a straight  shaft paddle, the bent shaft allows you to have a full natural grip with all fingers engaged and wrapped around the shaft. Pure ergonoics! And Werner was the first to bring us this advancement.
 In my homeland, St. loius, MO
Start of the MR340, check out the ergonimcally shaped shaft 

    Attempting  this Florida everglades challenge is like nothing I've ever attempted. i'll need every advantage I can find. Thanks to the fine folks at Werner I don't have to worry about 10 days of paddling with my wrist and forearms getting hammered. now I just need to worry about the rest of my body.

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  1. Glad your back in the FC race - your a hero.

    1. Thanks siskiyous! It was a series of high's and low's for this race.